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We are committed to provide the best software for your business. We are taking the time to listen to you and understand your unique software requirements in order to build a software product that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

About Us

Soft-L is a software company.
Our services include consulting, management and development.


Soft-L offers software solutions for a variety of fields. We manage projects from scratch, or take over existing projects and improve them. Soft-L has more than seven years of experience in mobile, web software development and project management.


We served companies from all industries include Medical industry, Military, Private businesses, Enterprise companies and more. Our customers across the world benefit from a professional team that taking care of their every request in the shortest possible time.


Like you, we are entrepreneurs and understand that your time is valuable. We have collaborators across the world and we use the newest technologies in the market, in order to provide the best solution in the shortest time possible.

We Develop Dreams

Soft-L has under its belt several successful projects, and it remains one of the leading-edge mobile development companies in the world. Whether its Windows Phone, Android or iOS, Apps can either be developed by using platforms like Xamarin or PhoneGap or other native Android and native Ios.

Software Development

Considering the fact that businesses in the 21st century require a lot of programming items to thrive successfully, our team is always working around the clock to build complex programming tools and codes that’ll create a high margin amongst other businesses using advanced arrangements. We also collaborate with other organizations offering services related to complex programming to build software items that’ll stay relevant in the market for as long as it needs to. Our programmers, engineers and technicians are equipped with the skill set to create computerized items that’ll change how we work and live.

Web App Development

One of the areas where the company has been able to gather enough skill set over the past years is the development of complex web application for new businesses, Fortune 500s, NGOs and personal websites. Our clients do not have to bother about chances of advancement because our team is always at alert to introduce benchmarks based codes and run approach to inspire applications into coming up as fast as possible. This has greatly helped our software clients to get acquainted with intelligent interfaces in both shopper and venture applications. We build applications from scratch with exquisite zippy and UI reaction times and natural client encounters.

Mobile Development

The business scene gets completely changed with our company’s mastery in the improvement of versatile application, and this goes for both clients with B2C applications issues and interior B2B activities. With these improvements, our clients can always stay confident to get groundbreaking features and exquisite plans for their software. What’s more? Our company has highly trained technicians at its disposal to carry out improvement on Java or Kotin for Android and construct iOS applications. We’re specialists at utilizing Swift and Objective-C to construct iOS applications and Java and Kotlin for Android Development. Our team delivers the best software products for both Android which supported by tablets and smartphones, and iOS, for iPad and iPhone. Over the years, our clients have continued to show great delight in the services we offer that they collaborate with us often for the development of native mobile apps. We know for a fact that technology continues to retain its spot in this digital age and state of evolution, and so for this reason, our company work closely with its clients and companies to navigate an everchanging and complex landscape that’ll yield success in the long run. Our technicians with a vast experience in mobile app development deliver friendlier and smarter techniques and patterns to help our clients and their customers engage actively with technology, creating exceptional user experiences.

Our Services

Enhance Your Brand Potential With Our Technology.

One Stop Shop

Technology projects management from scratch, including app design, architecture and programming

Clean Code

We’re making sure that every project the smallest one as the largest one is coded by a clean code that meets all standards so every developer can read, understand and modify our code in the future.

Full System

Backend and front end development.

Pixel Perfect

We know how mush UI and UX are important.Our developers very sensitive to design and UX.We will build the app to look exactly as you want it to look like.

Selected Customers

Enhance Your Brand Potential With Our Technology.

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